We train talent on our platform to follow strategies that outperform the market consistently. We then built tools and AI models to speed up the execution of our talent in order to increase their likelihood of success.


Hire Superhuman Marketers

Luis Barcala Outperformed 90% of Facebook Marketers

And worked with clients from Village Global, YC and more...

Facebook Marketers You Hire From Ratio Work 7x Faster and Pick Strategies That Have Worked in The Past

1. We Give Marketers Top Performing Strategies Guided by Data

Our system learns the best marketing strategies. We then train marketers on our platform on these strategies. So you can be at ease and know that the marketer you hired on Ratio has a higher likelihood of success.

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2. The Best Marketing Talent, Now More Effective With AI and Automation

Ratio’s product guides our marketers via intelligent analytics on what should be the optimal next steps (sometimes even doing the work for the marketer) in every step of a marketing campaign.

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3. Our All-In-One Tools To Help Our Talent Instantly Launch Complex Strategies

Our in-house tools turn solo marketers into powerhouses, being able to execute complex campaigns and strategies that usually require a team of engineers, designers.

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“You helped me package and sell the Nimbus (profitably) when I tried many different ad agencies.”

Lihang A
- CEO of  Nimbus (Y-Combinator 2020)

Our Facebook Marketers Worked With Startups From YC to Village Global and More

We worked with many different startups, from bootstrapped ones to VC-backed ones, with a 90%+ satisfaction rate.

Our Users Love Us!

“Ratio helped me package and sell the Nimbus (profitably) when I tried many ad agencies, tried different ideas, and spent thousands on ads that didn't generate any sales."

Lihang A
- CEO of Nimbus

"Being successful is all about testing new ideas constantly. And Ratio's product together with their talent allows you to execute very quickly."

Iranthi G
- CEO of ServiceForm

"We were in a very competitive space, but once we applied the micro-monopoly concept, our company started growing exponentially."

Asher E
- CEO of Ivy

“My startup got its first 1,000 sales in just 67 days because Ratio talent we worked with was able to execute the campaign at record speeds and awesome heuristics.”

Andrew K
- Founder of Prixs